2020 Conference Agenda


Assessing Cloud Cyber Security using cloud-based Systems

29 Apr 2020
Technologies and Architectures

Cloud computing is a popular and powerful tool for dataset analysis, database management, and other compute intensive tasks.  Because of the value of the data in the cloud and the value of the analyses performed on the data, cloud cyber security is becoming increasingly important.  The challenges posed to cloud cyber security range from initial requirements development, architecture, and design through to deployment.  While compliance with cyber security standards offers some degree of assurance for the security of the cloud, the assurance is no longer adequate due to the value of the clouds' contents.  Our research was undertaken to determine how to build a simulation environment that could be used to evaluate cloud cyber security requirement and architectural alternatives.  The simulation environment must also be useful for evaluating standards compliance within the architecture, cyber security defensive redundancies in the architecture, and for estimating cyber defence response performance under a variety of cyber attack scenarios.

The first section of the paper contains an overview of our research goals and the cloud simulation environment's requirements.  Section Two presents a background discussion that addresses cloud computing, distributed ledger technology, major cyber security standards, and cloud cyber security challenges.  Section Three contains a discussion of the approach and architecture for the simulation environment and delves into the key role cloud computing plays in achieving the desired simulation environment.  Section Three also presents a discussion the use of distributed ledger technology to maintain synchronicity across a large number of simulated cloud instances and the types of analyses and assessments that can be conducted within the cloud simulation environment.  Section Four contains a summary and offers suggestions for future work.

Pascal Peyronnet, Advanced Studies Project Manager - Thales AVS France - Training & Simulation
Martin Stytz, CRO - Calculated Insight