IT²EC 2020 Conference


Dynamic Synthetic Environments for Defence

03 September 2020
Technologies and Architectures

The provision of a dynamic and deformable terrain which can update to reflect events occurring within a Synthetic Environment is often lacking in modelling and simulation systems and limited to standalone simulations or simplistic changes in terrain state. There is a need for a dynamic terrain representation in distributed simulation systems, to provide a coherent view of the synthetic natural environment.

The author presents work that has been carried out under UK Ministry of Defence research projects investigating an approach to representing a coherent and consistent dynamic and deformable terrain within Synthetic Environments. This approach employs a common data repository (hosted by a standards based open-source geospatial data server) with supporting deformation micro-services to enable a coherent dynamic and deformable terrain representation across multiple simulation clients.

The UK is contributing to a NATO Modelling and Simulation Group (MSG) Dynamic Synthetic Environments for Distributed Simulation initiative in order to align its approach with the international community.

Enrico Raue, New Markets Development and Sales Manager - MASA


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