IT²EC 2020 Conference


Stronger threads: The critical requirement for enabling the Competency-Based Workforce

01 September 2020
Theatre 1
Emerging Solutions: Propelling Today's Advances into the Digital Twin Age
Essential advancements toward enabling the competency-based wokforce (CBW) have been made in the past few years. As interest grows and new endeavours are pursued, however, it is becoming increasingly clear that many of the key advancements have been made without sufficient connectivity to others. To realize the full potential, more focus must be placed on stitching together the essential elements that can enable the CBW. This presentation offers insights from the point of view of a practitioner who has been working in the seams to enable competency-based workforces in military and commercial contexts, and suggestions regarding the requirements of the threads necessary to stitch the elements more tightly together.
Robby Robson, CEO - Eduworks Corporation
Frank DiGiovanni, Deputy Director Expeditionary Warfare Division - United States Navy
Brian Moon, Chief Technology Officer - Perigean Technologies LLC
Gina Grosso, former Deputy Chief of Staff for Manpower, Personnel and Services - USAF


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