2020 Conference Agenda


Factoring Humans into Autonomous Systems

28 Apr 2020
Human Factors and Performance in a Digital Twin Age

The development of autonomous systems has largely focussed on the development of technology; traditionally with less emphasis placed on the equally important human factors consideration about how we interact and operate them: Human-Autonomy Teaming (HAT). It's how the relationship between Humans and Autonomy is being looked at these days – a move away from a human-led or machine-led approach to a more cooperative relationship building on the strengths of both. The introduction of these systems will no doubt add additional complexity to an already complex landscape for the armed forces and their civilian counterparts who would operate and work alongside these assets. Their introduction will no doubt raise new questions about the human skill sets, competency and the knowledge required to effectively incorporate them into operations.

The paper will look at what system level changes that are needed when autonomy is introduced, suggest solutions to identified challenges and provide tested methods for prediction and support for organisations that wish to prepare themselves for an autonomous future.

David Elsey - BAE Systems
Phaedra Gibson, Head of Training - BMT