2020 Conference Agenda


HoloRange AR Sandtable Prototype Lessons Learned

29 Apr 2020
Emerging Solutions: Propelling Today's Advances into the Digital Twin Age

The US Marine Corps is building a world class wargaming facility located at Headquarters, Quantico, Virginia.  Commercial innovation is driving the vision to bring and build useful modern world-class technologies into the wargaming environment.  Included is a desire to build an affordable Holodeck-like experience to immerse wargamers in high risk/high security environments to combine live and table-top wargaming with MR/AR/VR solutions.  Cole Engineering Services, Inc. (CESI) prototyped building M&S and data visualization, collaboration, grease pen, and other features using Magic Leap One devices for this effort.  This work shares CESI’s lessons learned from the industry perspective to explain what was accomplished, and lessons learned on how M&S industry partners can build AR wargaming solutions.  New and creative possibilities unique to an AR solution show promise for creating a new type of Image Generator (IG) system, while variations to familiar challenges of terrain correlation and interoperability require more investigation

Dale Whittaker, Program Manager Foreign Military Sales - US Army, PEO STRI
Daniel Lacks, Chief Scientist - Cole Engineering Services, Inc.
Rodney Choi, USMC Wargaming PM - Cole Engineering Services

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