2020 Conference Agenda


Modern IT tools in education of traffic police officers

29 Apr 2020
Human Factors and Performance in a Digital Twin Age
Simulator supporting training of police officers in the implementation of activities at the place of a road incident is a tool with which we will be able to train traffic police officers to perform activities on the spot of a road incident. The essence of the research and development project presented in the article is the possibility of “moving” the trainee to the place of a typical and unusual road accident, such as mass accidents, disasters in land traffic, or other crisis situations. The simulator will connect the virtual world with the real world, i.e. transferring the trained person into the virtual world (visualization of the event site) while allowing the performance of work activities at the place of the incident (visual inspection of the event site, documenting activities, providing first aid for victims of a road incident, etc.). Currently, there are no comprehensive solutions supporting the training process in the proposed way. The implementation of such a tool in the Police training system will allow to improve the quality of training of traffic police officers and increase the efficiency of actions taken on the site of a traffic incident. 

Michael Merritt, Deputy Technical Director - Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division
Mariusz Nepelski, Director of the Institute for Research and Development - Police Academy in Szczytno

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