2020 Conference Agenda


State-of-the-Art of Immersive Training Technology

28 Apr 2020
Technologies and Architectures

“The level of complexity in the coalition environment demands a rehearsal framework in pre-deployment training” (US CENTCOM CCJ6-P).

The still valid idea introduced by the former Afghan Mission Network concept for a Training, Staging and Mission networks model, is then exploited by the authors proposing an approach to support the process of training and preparing transitioning forces during the pre-deployment phase adopting Immersive Training Technology. This approach, implemented within a Modelling and Simulation as a Service (MSaaS) training framework, is designed to suit a Future Mission Network (FMN) training environment. The paper illustrates the state-of-the-art of immersive devices coupled with virtual immersive simulators, serious games and virtual worlds making them accessible through a MSaaS platform (OCEAN) to support individual and collective training for Commanders, staff and dismounted soldiers. The framework is suitable to be used to conduct remote distributed training and rapid prototyping activities. Furthermore, it is suitable to be implemented in a Joint Enterprise Information environment like the NATO Training and Education Network (NTEN) fitting the NATO Future Mission Network initiative, and more over the foundation of a future NATO Synthetic Environment”.

Christophe Rind, Marketing Training & Simulation - Sogitec Industries
Stefano CAMBI, Experimentation Section Chief - NATO Modelling & Simulation Center of Excellence

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