2020 Conference Agenda


Strategic Wargame & its Simulation Support

29 Apr 2020
Human Factors and Performance in a Digital Twin Age

The great benefit of wargames is the ability to get insight into human decision-making. However, the traditional approach to wargames does not reflect the current need for more scientific approach to produce generalizable and quantitative outcomes. The particular issue is how to reduce the human bias that is inherent in the traditional qualitative approach to wargaming. This paper will argue that M&S tools can reduce that bias by effective integration of M&S into wargames. The focus will be on the need of the strategic level organization to create synthetic environment to exercise their decision making process in the safe environment. It tries to answer questions related to the validity of replicated environment and the limitation of the current simulations to support the strategic level wargame. By analysing wargames’ life cycle to see which elements and phases of it can be automated by M&S tools, it proposes a methodological framework of M&S integration within wargames. It uses Crisis Management Exercise as a use case to demonstrate the proposed M&S framework supporting the strategic wargame. It contrasts the value of human factors in wargame and automation of a wargame elements to get in the end results that can withstand the scientific scrutiny. 

Steve Wilkinson, Chief Executive Officer - ETSA
Eliska Filova, Intern - NATO ACT
Jan Hodicky, M&S Specialist - NATO HQ SACT