2020 Conference Agenda


Simulator-based Military Training and Education

29 Apr 2020
Theatre 2
Human Factors and Performance in a Digital Twin Age
This paper describes the real simulator-based military training and education development situation. A popular belief is that simulators improve learning in a straightforward manner. However, here we argue that the situation is much more complicated as several factors influence whether simulator-based training is successful or not. We present the results of two field experiments in which control groups received traditional infantry training without simulators, and the experimental groups received simulator-based training. The length of infantry simulator-based training was varied. The survival rate was measured on a LIVE-simulated combat track.
Enrico Mollenhauer, Programme Manager New Training Solutions - Airbus Defence & Space
Timo Harkonen, Researcher - The Finnish Defence Forces
Antti Pyykönen, Chief of Simulator Centre of Excellence, Army Academy - Finnish Defence Forces

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