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Blending Cyber into Live, Virtual and Constructive

09 September 2021
Technologies and Architectures

US DoD Multi Domain Operations include cyber operations, yet the same integration of cyber and kinetic forces within military M&S training systems is limited.  Problems exist not only representing and integrating cyber effects within current M&S systems, but also with training soldiers using computer models tuned for kinetic interactions.  This work examines integrating cyber operations into LVC training operations by focusing on cyber terrain, modeling, and interoperability. We discuss the DIS Standard Information Operations Protocol Data Unit (IO PDU) and the Cyber Kinetic Effects Integrator (CKEI) approach.  With the popularization of the Digital Twin concept, digitizing the cyber terrain representation as a realistic simulated battlefield offers a promising and efficient way to integrate capabilities for training and mission rehearsal.  M&S tools import commercial software network topology formats to create Digital Twin network topologies. The OASIS TOSCA standard may be a foundation for a future M&S cyber terrain standard.

Wolfhard Schmidt, Senior Manager Strategy and Products - Antycip Simulation
Daniel Lacks, Chief Scientist - Cole Engineering Services, Inc.
Stephen Lopez, Senior Program Manager - Cole Engineering Services