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Digital Training Support for Global Combat Ships

08 September 2021
Human Factors and Performance in a Digital Twin Age

Selection of the BAE Systems Type 26 design as the basis for the Australian Hunter program and Canadian Surface Combatant program has given BAE Systems a unique and Industry changing opportunity to deliver a fully integrated digital solution across 32 ships and really exploit and deliver a human-centred training and the digital twin.  With 3 World Class Shipyards in different stages of the lifecycle there is a huge opportunity to capitalise on the Ship's digital design and deliver a through life integrated digital support and training thread, capitalising on the work conducted the QEC Aircraft Carriers.  

This talk will explore how BAE Systems and its partners will deliver a digital solution capable of spanning 3 Navies to enable training in a digital ecosystem and enable full cooperation between the 3 allies during build and support.

Exploiting the digital twin to deliver an enhanced user experience. 

To truly harness the benefits of delivering the Global Combat Ship (GCS) across the globe the digital twin will be exploited to deliver innovative and secure mobile technology.  This will allow the connected worker to exploit smart sensors with ‘digital' and ‘virtual' assistants to provide at elbow training support.  This real time digital twin will enable greater and quicker collaboration across the operating procedures in the dockyard. 

Delivering an integrated supply chain to deliver value to the customer and enable it to control and own its' data. 

I will explore the solutions to integrate 1,000s of suppliers across the globe and the benefits of integrating a truly data centric training solution.  This will enable the supply chain and global training programme to deliver across the entire lifecycle of the vessels and engineer out the build to support transitions, whilst being compatible and empathetic to the global nature of support. 

A fully digital build and support enterprise delivering Machine Learning, connected to innovative educational tools and training.

BAE Systems will deliver a truly digital dockyard to enable the advances in Machine Learning to deliver training services centred on reactive, preventative and predictive maintenance with these findings being shared across the GCS community to deliver a tri-nation insight.  These learnings will be fed into the training and educational systems to ensure up to date user training.   

Exploiting data analytics across the 3 dockyards to provide a collaborative and cost effective support solution. 

Collaboration offers a unique opportunity in this global operating environment, BAES will enable this collaboration across the 3 programmes using tried and tested tools and techniques to ensure the financial and operational benefits of collaboration are achieved. 

In modern day industry every equipment or platform provider tries to differentiate themselves from their competitors and enable their solution with the provision of a maintenance application or diagnostic tool with training package.  At BAES we are harnessing the power of data standards and open architecture to reduce the need of proprietary software and give the customer control of their data and architecture whilst ensuring export control and licence agreements are maintained. 

Elaine Raybourn, ITEC 2019 Committee Chair, and Principal Member of the Technical Staff - Sandia National Laboratories Center for Computing Research, Cognitive Science & Systems
Graham Fletcher, Customer Solutions Manager - BAE Systems