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Digital Twin for Cyber Testing

09 September 2021
Technologies and Architectures

This paper addresses both the Digital Twin Approach and Synthetic Environments topics for performing cyber testing on weapons systems.  The use of digital twins is a critical part of cyber testing because this type of testing cannot be performed on operational systems.  Weapon systems have cyber vulnerabilities in addition to the ones found on IP networks.  These vulnerabilities can only be found by creating a synthetic wrap-around to fully stimulate the system with an operationally relevant environment.  The use of the cyber table top process to implement a digital twin and synthetic environments as part of weapons testing is described.  The methodology used to apply the concepts of digital twin and synthetic environments along with lessons learned in the performance to cyber testing of weapons systems will be presented.

Wolfhard Schmidt, Senior Manager Strategy and Products - Antycip Simulation
Michael O'Connor, Chief Technologist - Trideum