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A Digital Ready Workforce with Industry 4.0 Technology

10 September 2021
Technologies and Architectures

A key element of Industry 4.0 (and Digital Twins) is that we instrument all physical systems and feed that data into models of these systems to predict future results and explore optimizations. You can do that for a factory and for a military platform (eg frigate). The new aspect is that we will also start instrumenting our military processes and operators with the same objective: optimize the performance of the human & machine as a team. How can we prepare our workforce to be ready for continuous organizational optimization and inject (re)training when needed.

Wim Huiskamp, Chief Scientist, Modelling, Simulation and Gaming - TNO - Defence, Security and Safety
Eric Weisel, Executive Director, Virginia Modeling, Analysis & Simulation Center and Associate Vice President for Applied Research - Old Dominion University
Sam Sannandeji, CEO - Modest Tree
Karin van Bodegraven - Netherlands Ministry of Defence
Clemens Mathijssen - Ansys