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Constructive Digital Twins Coming Alive

08 September 2021
Theatre 1
Emerging Solutions: Propelling Today's Advances into the Digital Twin Age

The idea of creating a “digital twin” is not a new idea to the community of wargaming practitioners.  In the world of ancient, pre-computing, wargaming, “simulated forces” were represented by physical pieces, on physical maps, taking physical actions – physical pieces were moved on physical maps, with battle outcomes were decided by educated guesses from force commanders.  This process is prone to errors in many ways.  This technology has been replaced at the rough order of magnitude by digital maps created from real-world terrain, moved according to entered simulation commands in response to underlying cognitive and decision-theoretic models, and digital guesses using “semi-rigid adjudication parameters”.  The “digital twin” of the force is created using a single level of symbology – this brigade is here.  This modeling occurs at a relatively high level – force on force combat.  The physical twin was replaced with a computer twin.

Udo Keuter, Head of Combat Aircraft Training Delivery & Operational Support - Airbus Defence and Space
Keith Brawner, Senior Engineer - US Army Futures Command - CCDC-SC