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Lessons learned implementing the C2Sim standard in 2019 Coalition Warrior Interoperability Exercise

09 September 2021
Technologies and Architectures

This paper discusses the lessons learned creating a Command and Control Systems to Simulation Systems Interoperation (C2Sim) interface in OneSAF and using it in a practical exercise. The primary goal of C2Sim is to support data exchange needed for scenario initialization, tasking, and reporting between C2 devices and simulating systems. The prototype OneSAF-C2SIM interface demonstrates each of these capabilities by using a C2 device to interact with OneSAF rather than using a simulation interactor to control the simulation system. The C2Sim interface not only reduces the need for simulation interactors, but also allows military role-players using an actual C2 devices to control simulation systems.

Pascal Peyronnet, Advanced Studies Project Manager - Thales AVS France - Training & Simulation
Edwin Bearss, Software Engineer - Trideum