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Levels of assessment and implications for assessing training: Results from the Secure LVC Advanced Training Environment Demonstration

08 September 2021
Human Factors and Performance in a Digital Twin Age

The Secure Live, Virtual, Constructive Advanced Training Environment (SLATE) was developed as part of the United States Air Force (USAF) Science and Technology Strategy to increase readiness at a reduced cost. Sixty aircrew participated in a series of Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) exercises during a recent Advanced Technology Demonstration (ATD). The aircrew evaluated the technologies’ training potential according to the Kirkpatrick Model of training program evaluation. Analyses indicate that SLATE will positively impact all four levels of USAF training, resulting in higher levels of readiness at significantly reduced costs, with several caveats regarding strategic usage and technical limitations. Implications for the integration of SLATE into training programs are discussed.

Enrico Mollenhauer, Programme Manager New Training Solutions - Airbus Defence & Space
Wink Bennett, Warfighter Readiness Research Division 711 HPW/RHA - Air Force Research Laboratory, Airman Systems Directorate
Jessica Cortez, Researcher - AFRL / Cubic Corporation