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Raising a Digital Twin, Avoiding the “Terrible Twos”

08 September 2021
Human Factors and Performance in a Digital Twin Age

Data analytics and Digital Twins are becoming popular tools in many organizations, this includes government organizations. However, the realities and processes to bring these new tools into an organization is not always well understood and shared. This paper captures lessons learned specific to the use of data analytics and creating a digital twin to better understand a very complex and high priority Fleet issue (in this case aircraft physiological episodes). These lessons learned begin with understanding the "problem at hand", standing up a functional team, enablers (e.g. software tools, computing power), barriers (e.g. data availability, data quality, business and regulatory issues), successes and best practices. Current capabilities will be presented as well as consideration of the potential benefit of creating human digital twins (both physical and cognitive). Data analytics and digital twin technology is invaluable to better understanding complex problems with the potential to greatly improve human performance in complex systems.

DeLloyd Voorhees, President - VCA, LLC
Michael Merritt, Deputy Technical Director - Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division