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Stuttgart: an innovative, dynamic economy paired with high recreational value

Fascinating and beautiful, cosmopolitan and charming, traditional and future-oriented: the diversity of the Stuttgart region makes it worth visiting more than once. Its economy and its culture are equally thriving – whereby the one is often interlinked with the other, as in the case of the world-famous automobile brands whose names and museums are synonymous with Stuttgart.

There’s something to gratify all the senses here. Brilliant achievements and an outstanding inventive spirit are typical of the Stuttgart Region and are evident at every turn: castles and palaces bear witness to a great past – and bold, futuristic architecture to an equally great present. The fine arts have always been given ample room to flourish, and many visitors are astonished at the wealth of outstanding gems which the Stuttgart Region has to offer. International sporting events, merry festivals, colourful markets, world-class shopping facilities, traditional cuisine and a countryside defined by a long tradition of viniculture and the River Neckar offer a wide range of leisure activities in the Stuttgart Region.

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Stuttgart Region – Live your inspiration

Tradition and innovation go hand in hand in Stuttgart and its surrounding region to create an exciting interplay. As a region known for its strong economy and scientific prowess, with a wide range of cultural, leisure and recreational activities on offer, Stuttgart is an ideal and inspirational event location.

This vibrant metropolis in the South of Germany is in season all year round. Stuttgart is varied and inspirational, endearing and unique, tradition-conscious yet full of surprises, relaxing and stimulating. Discover this fascinating city and its surrounding region!

You can look forward to a city with many faces: Stuttgart enthrals its visitors with its lively art and culture scene, excels with masterpieces of historical and modern architecture, hosts international sporting events, celebrates merry festivals and colorful markets, offers world-class shopping and a wealth of other unforgettable options. Stuttgart – the holder of the "City with the Highest Quality of Life" award – combines a high-class lifestyle with an atmosphere of welcoming hospitality, and innovative economic strength paired with a high recreational value.

Stages of world renown... with Stuttgart's State Theatres the region is home to the world's largest tripartite theatre. Its ballet has enjoyed international acclaim ever since the days of John Cranko and Marcia Haydée, and Stuttgart State Opera has been awarded the coveted title of "Opera House of the Year" many times.

Architectural highlights and outstanding museums together create a unique symbiosis in Stuttgart. Its "culture mile" links the historical Old State Gallery and the Postmodern New State Gallery, the impressive tower of the Academy of Music and the Performing Arts with its collection of organs, and the House of History. The glass cube of the New Museum of Art provides not only interesting insights into the municipal art collections but also wonderful views over the city.

Stuttgart, the cradle of mobility. It was here, in a little workshop, that Wilhelm Maybach and Gottlieb Daimler together invented one of the very first automobiles, and today the city boasts two of the world's most magnificent automobile museums. This is still the site of the main production plants of both Mercedes-Benz and Porsche today, and the people here feel a close bond with the history and tradition of these two global concerns. The spectacular double helix construction of the Mercedes-Benz Museum attracts both automobile and architecture enthusiasts from all corners of the globe, while at the new Porsche Museum the Zuffenhausen sports car specialists display their legendary mobile icons in bold architecture and a sophisticated ambience.

The combination of cosmopolitan flair and green oases makes Stuttgart a city of delightful contrasts. Extensive parks in the heart of town, and idyllic vineyards directly opposite the main railway station provide peace and relaxation. Killesberg Hill Park and the "Wilhelma" – the only zoological and botanical gardens of their kind in the world, invite you to relax and explore. And no fewer than three mineral spas, fed by the most prolific mineral springs in Western Europe, are guaranteed to promote health and wellbeing.

Merry festivals with typical Swabian "gemütlichkeit" in a stylish setting are places for celebration, enjoyment and discovery. There's the lively "Stuttgart Spring Festival", the elegant "Summer Festival" on warm August evenings, the "Stuttgart Wine Festival" in late summer with its attractively decorated arbours, or the traditional "Stuttgart Christmas Market" in the heart of town. Once you've experienced the hospitality and the exuberant atmosphere of Stuttgart's festivals and markets, you'll want to return time and again.       

Welcome to Stuttgart – the city of automobiles, wine, culture and history.

Top things to see & do

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New Palace

This was once the residence of the kings of Württemberg: the magnificent Baroque palace complex with its

elaborate gardens is the gem of Palace Square (Schlossplatz). Today it is used by the state government for administration and representational purposes. In summer, Palace Square is popular with Stuttgart's inhabitants for relaxing on the grass or the rims of the bubbling fountains around the New Palace.

Old Palace

Mighty towers and massive stone walls: the origins of the Old Palace date back to a 10th-century moated castle. Duke Christoph of Württemberg (1550 – 1568) had the interior of the old castle converted to a magnificent Renaissance palace. On entering the wonderful inner courtyard with its magnificent arcades, you feel as if you've been transported back to the 16th century. Today, the Old Palace houses the Württemberg State Museum's (Landesmuseum Württemberg) huge collection of items documenting the history of the state from the Stone Age up to the present day, which was initiated more than 150 years ago by King Wilhelm I of Württemberg.

Stuttgart Museum of Art

Stuttgart Museum of Art

Visible from afar, the glass cube of the Stuttgart Museum of Art (Kunstmuseum Stuttgart) is one of the city's landmarks, together with the splendid historical buildings bordering Palace Square (Schlossplatz). At night the striking interior lighting makes the outstanding architecture even more impressive, accentuating the stone cube that forms the core of the building. There and in two former tunnels, contemporary art and works of Classical Modernism are on display on 5,000 square metres of exhibition space. The Stuttgart Museum of Art stages impressive exhibitions of the works of internationally renowned artists. It is also home to a prestigious collection of the oeuvre of Otto Dix and main works of the artist Willi Baumeister. The espresso bar on the ground floor and the restaurant on the top floor, with its fantastic view over Stuttgart, are two of the city's favourite meeting places. www.kunstmuseum-stuttgart.de

Stuttgart State Gallery

Stuttgart State Gallery

The Stuttgart State Gallery (Staatsgalerie Stuttgart) is one of the world's leading art museums. The permanent

exhibitions of the Stuttgart State Gallery present works of painting and sculpture from the 14th to the 21st century. The collection includes celebrated masterpieces such as Oskar Schlemmer's “Triadic Ballet”, the Joseph Beuys Room and the twelve altar panels of Hans Holbein the Elder's “Grey Passion”. In addition, there are special temporary exhibitions – currently “Flora Awakening” presents an extensive collection of Post-Impressionist art. The architecture of the Stuttgart State Gallery is no less revolutionary: the Old State Gallery (Alte Staatsgalerie, 1843) was extended in the year 1984 by the Postmodernist building designed by Sir James Stirling. This magnificent architectural complex enthralls not only architecture enthusiasts. www.staatsgalerie.de

Mercedes-Benz Museum

Mercedes Benz Museum

The gleaming silver construction looks s if it were from outer space. A star is, after all, the emblem of the legendary automobile producer who has created an incomparable monument to the company and to automotive history with this highly unusual museum architecture and its fantastic contents. You don't need to be a car enthusiast to succumb to the fascination of the Mercedes-Benz Museum. On an exhibition area of 16,500 square metres, visitors can walk round the nine levels of the spiral-shaped double helix, past the legends and collections of this world famous automobile brand. 160 vehicles are presented in impressive displays, while contemporary history is brought to life with film clips, music and exciting exhibits. Audio guides provide comprehensive information.  A visit to the museum shop or restaurant is an ideal way to round off your visit. www.mercedes-benz-classic.com

Porsche Museum

Porsche museum

The Porsche Company has always been known for its fascinating automobiles. But this Stuttgart sports car producer's most spectacular architectural project is undoubtedly the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. When planning the sensational structure, the world famous car manufacturer placed just as much importance on creating an aesthetic form as it does with its exclusive cars. What visitors now see at the Porscheplatz site is indeed hard to credit: the building's 140-m-long corpus rests on just three supports spanned by tremendously long steel girders, giving the impression that the mighty monolith is suspended above ground level. The impressive exhibition, in which some 80 automobiles document the history of the company's development, is staged in a strikingly puristic form. Besides Porsche classics such as the 356, 911 or 917 models, the museum also pays tribute to the achievements of Professor Ferdinand Porsche in the early years of the 20th century. The “Beetle”, another of his constructions, has also found a place of honour here.  www.porsche.com/museum

Stuttgart‘s Television Tower


The world‘s first ever television tower is to be found in Stuttgart. Opened in 1956, the 217-m-high Television Tower was a prototype which was copied all over the world - for example in Berlin, in Johannesburg, South Africa, or in Wuhan in China. The Television Tower is Stuttgart‘s best known landmark – and the views from its 150-m-high observation platform over the Neckar Valley as far as the Swabian Alb and the Black Forest never fail to impress. www.fernsehturmstuttgart.com

Shopping fun in the heart of Stuttgart

Stuttgart's city centre has a vast selection of goods on offer. Here you'll not only find fashion to suit every taste, but

just about everything the heart could wish for in the way of beautiful, exquisite, elegant and tasteful products. With

a length of 1.2 kilometres, Königstrasse is Europe's longest pedestrian shopping precinct and runs through the centre of

the city. To the right and left of the main precinct there are more enticing shopping promenades, such as Eberhardstrasse, Stiftstrasse and classy Calwerstrasse with their elegant shops and boutiques.

And you mustn't miss Breuninger. Since 1881 the name of Breuninger has been synonymous in Stuttgart with excellent

quality. The flagship store on Stuttgart's marketplace (Marktplatz) has developed over the years to a shopping cosmos in its own right and a popular meeting place for shopping fans. The company, which is still under private ownership, is one of Europe's leading luxury suppliers. www.stuttgart-tourist.com

Metzingen: the superlative outlet city

In the Stuttgart Region shopping fans can “shop till they drop” for high-quality goods at favourable prices, for example in the home town of the Hugo Boss label. Here in Metzingen, factory sales have developed over the years, and coveted international brands sell designer fashion and accessories all year round at low prices. Metzingen is one of Europe´s leading shopping destinations. More than three million customers from 185 countries visit the outlet city each year to select their favourite items from over 60 international top label producers. A comfortable Mercedes-Benz bus links the outlet city and Stuttgart from Thursday to Saturday. www.outletcity.com

Stuttgart‘s Market Hall

Stuttgart‘s historic Market Hall is not just an architectural gem with a reputation which extends far beyond the city‘s boundaries: the heavy doors of the magnificent Art Nouveau building are the gateway to an epicurean‘s paradise, with a host of specialities from all corners of the globe, attractively displayed. A veritable „Land of Cockaigne“ for any gourmet! Visitors can‘t fail to appreciate the unique atmosphere of this brightly-lit historical building. A stroll through the Hall, looking, smelling and tasting, is almost as good as a short trip to southern climes!

City tours with the Hop-on / Hop-off bus

City tours

Operating on an hourly basis, the buses take you to Stuttgart's main attractions – allowing visitors to get on and off as they please. Audio guides provide lots of information about Stuttgart. Tickets are valid either for 4 hours or for one day following validation. They offer discounts from selected partner providers and can be purchased at the tourist information offices, the SSB ticket office on Palace Square (Schlossplatz) and in numerous hotels. There are concessions for schoolchildren, students, children and families. www.stuttgart-tourist.com

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