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The Advanced Engineering Conference at ITEC 2017, 17 May

Advanced Engineering: The Simulation and Technology Perspective

The fourth industrial revolution, or ‘Industry 4.0’ has the ability to create impressive, new and sometimes unimaginable opportunities for those involved in design and manufacturing. The use of connected, automated technologies and robotics can increase productivity and reduce in cost. The challenge lies in the exploration of such systems and technologies to create the single connected system. Modelling and simulation and Model Based Engineering Systems (MBSE) present the opportunity for the exploration of viable Industry 4.0 technologies.

Described as the process of modelling artefacts, behaviors and processes, the cost-benefit of MBSE is well understood, especially within industries such as aerospace and automotive. There is little doubt that Industry 4.0 is complex, and the benefits of digitising design and manufacturing are clear, though the path to achieving the vision propelling Industry 4.0 will be different for every organisation.

From Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) to technologies that accelerate advanced modelling and simulation and enable Industry 4.0, the conference and exhibition will provide the opportunity to learn and promote capabilities to the defence and high value design sector.

2017 Advanced Engineering in Simulation and Training Conference- 17 May, Rotterdam


Time   Speaker
1130-1140 Opening Remarks from Advanced Engineering Conference Chairman     Sanjay Khetia
                     Session 1: Advanced Engineering in  Simulation and Training
1140-1210 The UK MOD SimTE Programme (Simulation for Test & Evaluation) Edward Curran, Senior Modelling and Simulation Engineer, Airborne and Space Systems Division, Leonardo
1210-1240 Benefits of Virtual Reality Human-in-the-loop simulation for Off-Highway Equipment Product Development Dr. Arnold Free, Chief Commercial Officer, CM Labs Simulations Inc. and Joona Makiraatikka, Senior Simulation Engineer Engineer, John Deere Forestry
1240-1310 Extensible Modelling Framework (XMF) Arend Abbing, Researcher and IT Architect, Maritime R&D Center, TNO
1310-1400                                                                                                                Lunch
                     Session 2: Optimising Simulation: The Advanced Engineering Perspective
1400-1430 A Practical Approach to Automatic Tuning of Models for High Fidelity Real-time Simulation- A Case Study Daniele Misani, International Business Development and International Operations, TXT e-solutions
1430-1500 Advanced Analytics in Industry 4.0 Laurence Hauser, Operations Specialist, McKinsey & Company
1500-1530 The Human Component of Industry 4.0 - Optimising the Human/Machine Blend and the Role of Simulation Andy Fawkes, BISim Academic Liaison, Bohemia Interactive Solutions
1530-1600                                                                                Afternoon Break - Tea, Coffee and Exhibition
                     Session 3: Systems and Technologies in the Advanced Engineering Paradigm
1600-1620 Using Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Techniques, including Modelling, Simulation and Visualisation to Support UK Defence Innovation and Research Afzal Ali, Head of Visualisation, UK Defence Solutions Centre
1640-1700 A Simulation Model of Transaction Management in Distributed Databases: Simulation Models, Distributed Databases and Access Levels Svetlana Vasileva-Boyadzhieva, Associate Professor, Varna University of Management
1700-1720 Delivering Future Capability through Training Data Exploitation Chris Rolfs, CTO, Cervus Defence and Security
1720-1740 The Future is Now: Simulation and Training Meets VR, Artificial Intelligence and Virtualisation Alex Micallef, Senior Manager, EMEA Professional Visualization, NVIDIA Corporation
17:40                                                                                                      End of Conference



Advanced Engineering 2018 Call for Papers

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