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In its 29th year, ITEC moves to Stuttgart, the home of Germany’s automotive industry and a hub of industrial innovation. This year ITEC is proud to announce the Advanced Engineering Conference that will explore how the latest developments in virtualisation and digitalisation technologies are impacting the development of systems and products across the defence and aerospace spectrum.

A digital transformation is under way among the world’s leading defence & aerospace companies with increasing digitalisation of essential functions paving the way for new practices. With aerospace & defence system developers subjected to unending pressures to shorten development cycles and reduce costs amidst falling military budgets and increasing expectations, many have begun to explore ways of utilising the tools of ‘Industry 4.0’ to aid them in their pursuits.

The conference will primarily focus on how the latest practical and conceptual modelling and simulation (M&S) technologies are changing the ways in which developers view and execute production projects. From the earliest stages of conceptual design, the integration of M&S technologies can help designers accurately view and adapt their ideas by exploiting the ever increasing power of computer assisted design. The ability to generate accurate virtual representations of projects in the form of a ‘digital twin’ and simulate real-world stresses and strains at the earliest stages of projects allows designers to calculate and predict potential design flaws. These technologies reduce the need for reassessment and alteration at later, more costly stages. Accurate simulation technologies facilitate greater customisation and adaptation during the production process which is a vital consideration for defence manufacturers as operational requirements for procurement systems often evolve as projects develop.

Additionally, increasing globalisation and decentralisation of manufacturing in Industry 4.0 requires real-time information exchange between the various branches of the development cycle. The conference will explore how integrated Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) can help to bridge the gap between product designers and manufacturing engineers that has historically been an influential source of project delays, thereby streamlining the manufacturing process.

Experts believe that the Industry 4.0 revolution will fully take hold in the next five years and suggest that the landscape of the aerospace & defence industry could look very different within the next ten. The potential for advancement for companies who embrace digitalisation is massive. Smaller companies are more readily adopting new technologies without the hassle of aging legacy systems that their larger counterparts must overhaul to avoid being left behind. In addition to industry leaders, senior military personnel and procurement specialists should view attendance of this conference as an essential part of their ITEC 2018 experience to hear how the latest industrial technologies are influencing procurement priorities.

Advanced Engineering 2018 is the only event to provide a forum for this focused discussion and will demonstrate that the future of engineering is now and it is imperative that defence & aerospace companies look to the examples of innovation in civil manufacturing and embrace these new technologies.

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