2019 Conference agenda


GUEST SPEAKER - Trust in Automation: how this is shaped by the human operator and the underwater domain

15 May 2019
Theatre 3
Emerging Solutions: Propelling Today's Advances into the Digital Twin Age

High speciality and criticality domains categorise the most researched areas in the field of Trust in Automation. Minimal studies have explored the nuances of the psycho-social environment and organisational culture in the development of appropriate mental models on dispositional trust. To aid integration of human operators with emergent specialised systems, there is ambition to introduce Human-Human/Human-System analogies with AI Avatars and 3D representations of environments (MoD 2018, Human Machine Teaming Joint Concept Note) [1]. Due to the criticisms in the literature of Human-Human and Human-System teaming analogues this research has explored personal narratives of civilians and military personnel about technology, adaptability and how to facilitate beneficial attitudes and behaviours in appropriate trust, reliance and misuse. A subdivision of the research explored the socio-cultural idiosyncrasies within the different echelons of the military as variances in authority and kinship (most prominent in Subsurface Navy) provided insight on informing training targeted to unique domains.

Benjamin Bell, President - Eduworks Corporation