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Predicting Leadership during Crisis Management

14 May 2019
Theatre 3
Today’s Challenges, Tomorrow’s Needs, Emerging Solutions

Recording, modelling, analyzing human behavior is an important first step in predicting it. Here we report on a study that utilizes data mining techniques to predict leadership based on game play data. We analyzed 2700 gameplays to examine if we could find a prediction algorithm for leadership that is significant and meaningful. Our results showed an algorithm that leads to an 81% correct prediction of leadership competency. Insights derived from this study could be utilized in designing personalized learning environments. For example, providing on-the-fly recommendations to the player depending on the learning goal in order to maximize his/her learning experience.

Rusmat Ahmed, SVP Sales, EMEA - Bohemia Interactive
Johan de Heer, Director Thales Research & Technology - Hengelo - Thales

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