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The Art of Designing and Rapidly Prototyping Medical Training Technologies

16 May 2019
Theatre 2
Technologies and Architectures
While many injuries are common, and diagnosis is simple, hands-on training of clinicians in treatment is neither common nor practical given current physical training models. The injuries sustained can be complicated and the prescribed interventions require an anatomically accurate training model but in many cases physiological feedback can be minimized in training the immediate response for battlefield injuries.   Durability and low lifecycle cost become key drivers for training common battlefield injuries so that repetitive training cycles can be performed. a collaborative partnership with stakeholders, users, and sponsors contribute to the success of the technology development.  This presentation will discuss the processes and tools used to rapidly develop medical training technologies that meet the needs of the Warfighter today as well as the methods to acquire and incorporate expert feedback, the lessons learned, and recommendations for future work.
Scott McIntosh, Joint Project Manager for Medical Modeling and Simulation - PEO STRI / JPM MMS
Angela Alban, President & CEO - SIMETRI, Inc.