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Toward a Generalized Appliance for Measuring Engagement and Motivation Across Learning Environments

15 May 2019
Theatre 3
Emerging Solutions: Propelling Today's Advances into the Digital Twin Age

The U.S. military trains and educates tens of thousands of warfighters each year, for mastery of broad foundational knowledge delivered in courses lasting up to several months. To make training more engaging, the services are broadening use of interactive activities and games in delivering training. Among the capabilities that training developers need to identify which techniques and approaches offer the greatest efficacy are systems that can identify and adapt to detected lapses in engagement. This presentation summarizes work performed by Eduworks Corporation and the Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT) aimed at addressing this need. We present an innovative software appliance called the Tracking and Assessing Learner Engagement Toolkit (TALENT). We describe our methodology, design and prototype for providing metrics and persistent assessments to enhance training and education enterprise with adaptive support for learner engagement, and conclude with a discussion of future directions and potential benefits of this work.

Benjamin Bell, President - Eduworks Corporation
Benjamin Bell, President - Eduworks Corporation