2019 Conference agenda


Understanding how AI is applied in training: Case Studies

15 May 2019
Theatre 3
Emerging Solutions: Propelling Today's Advances into the Digital Twin Age
“Artificial Intelligence” (AI) refers to technologies that emulate human intelligence, but the term is so broad that it is often hard to tell what is meant by it, how it is applied, and what value it brings. This presents a serious problem for those attempting to understand and evaluate the use of AI in training. This paper, which draws on work of the IEEE standards committee on Adaptive Instructional Systems, sheds some light on this murky area. The paper presents a framework for understanding the use of AI that clarifies inputs, outputs, the type of AI used (if any), and whether it is used to classify objects, provide recommendations, support simulations, or make decisions. The paper then illustrates the framework by applying it to use cases ranging from recommendation engines to simulations to systems that use AI to support the analysis and generation of training content.
Benjamin Bell, President - Eduworks Corporation
Robby Robson, CEO - Eduworks Corporation