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2018 marks the 10th anniversary of the introduction of the Smart Phone. This remarkable device not only provides a technical means of communication, but its impact is far broader as it continues to shape the ways in which we interact. Other digital devices are having similar impact across the spectrum of human activity. Military forces, police, fire and ambulance services, and medical practitioners are among those who experience change through the adoption and adaptation to new technologies. These technologies also generate new processes and organisational structures. Such changes in turn generate demand for new skills, new ways of thinking and improved training and education.

A new generation of “digital natives” is entering the workplace with mind-sets that are already adapted to living and working in a mixed reality world. Technology offers both solutions and challenges to the preparation and learning needed to meet the tasks that human operators, planners and developers will be confronted with as the next decade unfolds. ITEC 2018 is the ideal platform to discuss how these elements will mix, and to inform those attending about both established and new solutions. ITEC 2018 will explore the practical, theoretical and conceptual elements of these new training and education demands.

ITEC 2018 has its eyes firmly fixed on the next decade and beyond. The conference facilitates the training and education communities for those engaged in the most testing environments – in the military and civil sectors – to come together to explore the context, and significant technological developments that impact training and education of current, next, and future generations.

Readiness is a function of how people and machines are prepared, and kept ready, for missions and tasks. ITEC 2018 is focused on how people whether individually, in units, or in formations may be best educated and trained for their missions and tasks over the coming decade and beyond. Papers and panel proposals will be welcomed from military professionals, police, fire and ambulance services, medical practitioners, industry and the research and development communities working in the fields of training and education.

The conference Committee welcomes paper and panel proposal abstracts exploring the theme - Readiness 2025: Innovating Education and Training for the Next decade and Beyond - under three main headings and four cross cutting principles:

  • Today’s challenges, Tomorrow’s Needs, Future Trends
    • Current training and education requirements within both a military and a civil context are welcomed. Military and civilian practitioners are encouraged to offer their thoughts on their developing needs, and how they see the future unfolding so as to stimulate industry and the R&D community to develop new ways and means to address these unfolding requirements.
    • Challenges and needs at the tactical, operational and strategic levels are welcome to stimulate the debate and spur the development of new solutions.  

Thinking beyond the world in 2018, with its current programmes and procurement, what paradigm shifts and disruptive forces will heighten or supersede Today's Challenges, and must be included in Tomorrow's Needs and Future Trends?

  • Solutions: Today, Tomorrow and Beyond
    • New and innovative solutions to current, perceived and potential challenges which address the needs of tomorrow and/or shape future trends regarding key imperatives of:
      • Training and exercises
      • Education and Didactics
      • Human Factors and Performance
      • Modelling and Simulation
    • Automated, unmanned, cloud-based, data analytic (“Big Data”) solution
  • Technologies and Architectures
    • This track represents the core technical theme for ITEC. Papers on technical developments through the use of collaborative, cooperative, or innovative processes are particularly welcome.
    • Special consideration will be given to papers that explore new ways of military-industry collaboration in the light of the “Digital Age”.

The four cross-cutting organising principles for ITEC 2018 are:

  • Training & Exercises
  • Education & Didactics
  • Human Factors & Performance
  • Modelling & Simulation

Papers from those aged under 35, those undergoing training or education, or those in new start up enterprises are particularly welcome. To encourage submissions the ITEC Committee will be making a special award to the Best Paper from contributors in this category.

Abstract Submission Process

When submitting their abstract, authors will be required to:

  • Provide a 150 word overview that describes how their contribution fits the overall conference theme before Friday 29th September.
  • Identify which themed Main Heading their abstract falls under and up to two of the cross cutting organizing principles which the submissions addresses.
  • Submit an abstract that summarises the key elements of their paper.
  • Authors accepted to participate in the conference are notified by email.

Paper Submission Process

  • Authors of accepted abstracts are required to provide a paper by 15 December 2017. Papers should be approximately 1200 words in length and no more than 5000 words, and submitted in 12 point font, with 1.5 line spacing, in the English language.
  • Accepted panel proposals are required to provide an extended abstract.
  • All Presentation materials are required to be uploaded at least 14 days before the start of the ITEC Conference on 15 May 2018.

Following the conference, the ITEC Committee will announce the Best Paper Award to the paper that best exemplifies the goals and vision of the Conference – Readiness 2025: Innovating Education and Training for the Next decade and Beyond.

Submit a paper before Friday 13 October 

ITEC 2018 Enquiries -
Phone - +44 207 384 7788

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