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Enhancing learning environments with stories-as-a-service: how content collection, automated tagging, and service architectures enable knowledge sharing

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The instructional power of first-person narratives, or stories, well-supported by research, is a central focus of the ANGLES project. In this paper we discuss how story content is being collected, tagged and distributed. ANGLES is distinctive in that content comes from practitioners recording personal experiences from commodity devices (tablets, smartphones), rather than videos being professionally staged. This crowd-sourcing of content is enabled through a mobile app that contributors use to capture, describe and upload their stories. We also discuss the algorithms that automatically transcribe and semantically tag the collected content. Through standards-driven APIs, ANGLES provides on-demand content to learning environments as well as providing a direct browsing interface for interacting with the collections. This Stories-as-a-Service capability enables a broader community of contributors than is typical of contemporary video collections; employs knowledge-driven speech-to-text coupled with semantic analysis that automatically tags content; and provides on-demand content to learning environments through API calls.

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