Conference Pillars


Addressing an overarching theme of evolving technologies, the IT²EC conference offers delegates a choice of concurrent sessions across three pillars:

  1. Technologies and Architectures

  2. Human Factors and Performance

  3. Emerging Solutions

Scroll down for more information about what to expect from each pillar.


Explore the conference theme

Technologies and Architectures

This track represents the core technical theme for IT²EC. Papers on technical developments advancing the use of collaborative, cooperative, or innovative processes are particularly welcome. Papers should address: Technologies and Architectures

  • C2 and simulation interoperability and architecture
  • Machine Learning within the generation of Digital Twins
  • Big Data collection, analysis and results delivery
  • AI architecture
  • xR and distributed training for support functions
  • Rapid mission-specific synthetic environment generation
  • “Cloud” architecture for supporting data acquisition and remote treatment (analysis) (experimentation, experience, recommendation, trends for future standardization).
  • Upgrading legacy systems to support today’s training needs

Human Factors and Performance

This track represents the core Human, Social, Cultural and Behavioural (HSCB) theme for IT²EC and will include papers that address:

  • Connected educational delivery especially for transmedia learning across synthetic environments 
  • Human-Data and Human-sensor interaction, experience and behaviourHuman factors and Performance
  • The use of AI in tracking responses and results
  • Developing a network-based intelligent and individualised learning system through machine learning and data mining
  • Improving knowledge exploitation with AI-supported decision-making models
  • Ethics of AI or ML-enabled interactions

Emerging Solutions

This track represents the core applications theme for IT²EC and will include papers in the following domains:

  • Lessons learned from lockdown: short notice responses to unprecedented emergenciesEmerging Solutions
  • Advances in large-scale, distributed collaboration and training
  • Simulation in growing mission areas including medical training, first-responder and mass casualty management in civil, and cyber security.
  • AI/Machine Learning-enabled instructional agents and synthetic teammates
  • Tools to accelerate training development
  • Solutions to enhance immersion and realism in simulation training