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DisTec 2022

 IT²EC 2024 - defence training and technology event

Haptic technology under the microscope – the challenges of new product development and the application of haptics in simulation

27 Apr 2022
DisTec Theatre

Ever wondered how to get from a thumbnail sketch to a full-scale manufacturing operation? Keen to know how to launch with commercial success into the global market, learning how to avoid common challenges along the way? 

Focusing on the company’s ground breaking work into haptic technology, Morgan Innovation & Technology Ltd’s CEO, Nigel Clarke, guides you through their development process and provides key insights into the world of original equipment manufacture. Innovation to Income is the complete ecosystem for innovators; developed and taught across 30 years, it brings together R&D, Agile Manufacturing, Commercialisation and Funding – the four key elements needed to bring a product to market and to help products thrive and reach their full potential. 

This engaging and entertaining talk examines the wide variety of applications for haptics in today’s marketplace and the hurdles any product designer must overcome to achieve commercial success. From proper market research and a clear understanding of who will actually pay for a product, to assessing the most suitable route to market, the all-important product testing stages and securing funding, Nigel shares the processes developed by multi-award winning manufacturing firm, Morgan IAT along with entertaining anecdotes of their experiences over the years.