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DisTec 2022

 IT²EC 2024 - defence training and technology event

Making Training As Real As It Gets

28 Apr 2022
DisTec Theatre

Winners of the 2021 DisTec Challenge - for being the world’s most disruptive, up-and-coming technology for military training and simulation.


IFTech’s focus is on helping soldiers come home. At IFTech, we believe the accomplishment of this objective begins with training; specifically, training that matches real-world outcomes and experiences, without the real-world risks. If this is achieved, the training replicates real-world stressors, and trainers will be confident that the trainees’ actions and behaviours are preconditioned for real-world operational settings.


During this talk, Co-Founder and CEO, Brodie Stanfield, will discuss how IFTech’s ARAIG Technology can enhance current and future training solutions to meet those real-world outcomes and experiences, without the real-world risks. Brodie will describe how the ARAIG Technology provides behavioural changes in trainees, evoking actions, and both mental and physical reactions that increase the proper use of tactical skills and improve real-life stress responses, better preparing them for the battlefield.


Brodie will also cover ARAIG’s interoperability between any system or device, mobility for use from basic training to mission deployment, and scalability for use with an individual to brigade-size training.


Join Brodie and witness the technology that will take your solution to the next level – because ARAIG is As Real As It Gets!