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DisTec 2022

 IT²EC 2024 - defence training and technology event

Accelerating Flying Proficiencies with XR tech

26 Apr 2022
DisTec Theatre
In an effort to find efficiencies in flying training, the USAF innovated with Pilot Training “Next” (PTN) in 2018. From this, several proven innovation concepts emerged that were scaled across USAF pilot training bases. These concepts are now transforming flying training for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Major US airline carriers and international partners have begun to incorporate these lessons in their training. Combining quality instruction and seamless access to content in an immersive environment is accelerating the attainment of flying proficiencies. Both the availability and realism currently available in XR contributes to a more effective training experience. Students learn faster, retain knowledge longer and avoid regression due to the quality and availability of this powerful technology. As a result, efficiencies have emerged to accelerate training and to maximize more expensive instructional time burning jet fuel. Selected by the USAF from the inception of this transformation, Vertex continues to push the boundaries of the XR technology that is currently available and ensure that it is seamlessly accessible. Any technology that is difficult to use or access simply does not get used. As a result, Vertex’s products are now integrated across all Department of Defense (DoD) training programs. Currently, over 250 of Vertex’s XR training devices are now incorporated in DoD programs and contribute to the production of well over 2000 military pilots annually