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DisTec 2023

 IT²EC 2024 - defence training and technology event
  1. DisTec Theatre
    An overview of the types and roles of Battlelabs and how they contribute to modernization in trainin ...
  2. DisTec Theatre
    Emerging and disruptive technologies present opportunities and threats - the NATO Alliance must adap ...
  3. Afternoon break & exhibition
  4. DisTec Theatre
    Eye tracking enables instructors to see the world through the eyes of their trainees. By using minia ...
  5. DisTec Theatre
  6. DisTec Theatre
    A panel to discuss the future of military training and explore the art of what is possible within simulation and synthetic environments
  7. Morning break & exhibition
  8. DisTec Theatre
    Hadean will showcase recent projects and cloud-native solutions for hyperscale military training wit ...
  9. DisTec Theatre
    DisTec Demos presents SenseGlove Nova. Haptic force-feedback gloves for VR training and research. Gijs den Butter will be discussing the power of touch in Virtual Reality, showcasing stories of companies such as Volkswagen who are already benefitting from haptic VR training. He'll demonstrate the gloves which make the virtual, a reality and allow interactions in VR to occur naturally: to understand the feel, size, stiffness, and resistance of virtual objects. 
  10. DisTec Theatre
  11. DisTec Theatre
    Modelling &Simulation as a Service (MSaaS) is an enterprise-level approach for discovery, compositio ...
  12. DisTec Theatre
    In this talk we describe the Plexsys Learning Ecosystem; a set of tools that enable training anytime ...
  13. Lunch break & exhibition
  14. DisTec Theatre
    Nothing happens in the human body without using body energy which is metabolic energy. The body is c ...
  15. DisTec Theatre
    Advances in PC and cloud technologies as well as open source software has allowed for the low-cost d ...
  16. DisTec Theatre
    Training for missions in unknown, fast-paced, and changing battlefield terrains presents a challenge ...
  17. DisTec Theatre
    Red 6 brings the Virtual and Constructive assets into the real-world by allowing pilots and ground o ...
  18. Afternoon break & exhibition
  19. DisTec Theatre
    Be able to feel a gunshot, a dagger wound, find yourself in stressful situations and predict enemy m ...
  20. DisTec Theatre
  21. DisTec Theatre
    Soldiers, special forces, police officers - anyone in the field - often have only fractions of a sec ...
  22. Lunch break & exhibition
  23. DisTec Theatre
    In recent years, key industry leaders have come together to identify key innovations needed within t ...
  24. DisTec Theatre
    Join our chairman, James White, as he opens the theater for an exciting week of disruptive tech displays and insightful discussions.