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DisTec 2023

 IT²EC 2024 - defence training and technology event

Real-time results: monitoring soldier's mental and physical energy to improve in-field training.

25 Apr 2023
DisTec Theatre

Nothing happens in the human body without using body energy which is metabolic energy. The body is continuously producing energy and using it for five main components: the basal metabolism, the immune system, the thermal control, the physical and the mental performances. Soldier during training and in missions are burning a lot of body energy for these different components. Based on many years of scientific research a wearable monitor has been developed to monitor in real-time the energy used for the different components. In the today’s solution the user can see the energy use for mental performance on his phone as well as the balance between energy use and production. The presentation shows exciting examples and results including videos from different projects realized.

Daniël Berckmans, PhD, Professor - KU Leuven & University of Tennessee