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DisTec 2023

 IT²EC 2024 - defence training and technology event

Seeing is not perceiving: unlock the potential of the eyes and dramatically improve human performance with human viewing behavior training

24 Apr 2023
DisTec Theatre
Soldiers, special forces, police officers - anyone in the field - often have only fractions of a second to make decisions. Crucially, though, human perception is often compromised in complex situations. This is largely due to human gaze behavior in high-stress situations, which limits perception and slows reaction time. With the help of advanced mobile eye-tracking technology, however, military leaders can efficiently train their forces to shorten gaze jumps, increase attention and improve perception. In this presentation, Nils Berger will introduce the smart glasses-based technology that can lead to improved efficiency and safety in actual combat situations.
Nils Berger, CEO - Viewpointsystem