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DisTec 2023

 IT²EC 2024 - defence training and technology event

An MH-60R success story: how to elevate your training via a modifiable PC-Based simulator for your entire helicopter crew.

25 Apr 2023
DisTec Theatre
Advances in PC and cloud technologies as well as open source software has allowed for the low-cost development of ever improving simulation training capabilities including training on demand during deployment.  In this session, an  MH-60R helicopter trainer, OMIA, is used to demonstrate many of these benefits and advantages. The OMIA MH-60R trainer is available on laptops with and without VR, and in the Cloud, and is in use by the US and other navies, Nations flying or soon to be flying the MH-60R include Australia, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Norway, India, and South Korea. OMIA is an expandable, easily modifiable low-cost crew trainer, usable on-shore, and maximizing the efficiency of training on demand during deployment including at sea, providing training in most helicopter operations including navigation, radio, emergency operations, RADAR, ISAR, ESM, FLIR, and both active and passive acoustics. OMIA’s capabilities and flexible and ubiquitous deployment options result in savings of millions of dollars in training costs annually.
Rob Richards, Principal Scientist - Stottler Henke Associates, Inc