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DisTec 2024

 IT²EC 2024 - defence training and technology event

DisTec Challenge finalist: Mobile Accessible eXtended Reality Education System

10 Apr 2024
Overcoming the all-too-common problem of a shortage of equipment and SME personnel in the right place at the right time to deliver the right training. Mobile Accessible eXtended Reality Education System (MAXRES) is a, headset-optimised complete digital training solution. MAXRES is a modular, customer focused Training Content Management System (TCMS) that is optimised for the development of headset-delivered training content. It maximises all the benefits of a headset-based-display in combination with traditional, proven methods. This is achieved using an ideal blend of a focused, computer-based training (CBT) styled interface, ‘real-world' one-to-one delivery using Embedded Virtual Instructor Training (EVIT) and synthetic Virtual Reality (VR)/Augmented Reality (AR) environments. This ensures the user can absorb the information in a delivery method suited to them, and the provider can make all the required material available in comprehensive, standardised, easy-to-digest formats. It is completely scalable, allowing management and delivery of everything from a sprint, small-business training project to a full eco-system for delivering everything required for something such as training ground-crew, engineers and pilots on a new commercial passenger aircraft, and everything in between. The system can fully integrate with commercial Learning Management Systems (LMS), allowing control of content delivery, usage monitoring, learning statistics and assessments, all within existing digital learning environment. The MAXRES TCMS is AI-ready, secure by design and modular, allowing the customer to choose the best configuration for their training needs. This allows the courseware to be designed, developed and fully managed from scratch by our UK based team. Additionally it can be delivered as a pre-configured on-premise or private cloud service and then, with minimal training, developed and maintained by an ‘in-house'  customer defined courseware development team.  The delivery side of MAXRES is headset optimised but device agnostic, allowing access to the exact same content via any pre-approved device. The training output can be delivered using the full gamut of training modes, including CAI, CBT, Manuals, Tech Pubs along with supporting DSAT documentation, however it really comes into its own in headset-based MAXRES modules. The headset allows the ultimate user learning environment, including hi-resolution 360 visuals, spatial audio, eye, hand and body tracking, all defined by the end user. It is designed to allow on-grid, off-grid or completely air-gapped training, ensuring compatibility with all levels of customer security requirements. If a high level of security is required, all content delivery and learning record store access can be achieved completely ‘on prem' using secure wireless access points, 5G networking, SD card or direct cable connection. At lower security levels, access can be achieved using commercial, existing cloud-based LMS solutions. Because of the system design flexibility, the training can be delivered whenever and wherever required allowing safe, timely learning, controlled by the user and managed by the provider. It can also be fully integrated into any classroom-based environment using headset display casting and instructor multi-headset content control options. Once the training material has been created, the system has an extremely low power requirement helping companies achieve their planned carbon neutral goals.
Curtis Anderson - MAXRES
Jamie Anderson, Director - MAXRES