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DisTec 2024

 IT²EC 2024 - defence training and technology event

The mixed reality enabler: physiological and psychological training across land, sea and space

09 Apr 2024
DisTec Theatre
OECD forecasts the global underwater sector could reach $140bn by 2035.  Rapid growth, need to reduce time to market, risk and improve quality and functionality of new subsea technologies, especially in the TRL 4 – 6 area, is paramount to success.  Coupled with the need to train more operators and technicians in autonomous underwater vehicles to meet demand, particularly around FLOW and its resilience and security.  With the increased commercialization and development of space we can learn from each other, benefitting the underwater defense sector as well as the wider marine ecosystem. There is a real nexus between the two environments. 
Mixed Reality is the enabler to training programs led by human factor science providing an immersive experience and addressing the needs for physiological and physiological training. Bespoke to the client (space, land & sea), combining digital twins of real-world spaces, mixed with digital and real assets, enhancing and leveraging pass-through capabilities to deliver the most true to life training solution.
Blue Abyss will be at the forefront of supporting these sectors with its extreme test, evaluation and training centres in helping to prepare technology and humans for maritime & space exploration, research and development; and become the Mixed Reality Enabler.
Julian Coleman, XR Technology Commercial Lead - Blue Abyss Global Holding Ltd
Richard Tanner, Maritime Sector, Executive Lead - Blue Abyss Global Holding Ltd