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  • Holovis alongside Bohemia Interactive and Nautilus International Risk Consultants is unveiling a new four metre dome training environment, accredited by the UK Joint Air Land Organisation (JALO). The dome has been accredited for Type 1, 2 and 3 controls, night CAS, laser operations, low level, bomb on co-ordinate, Fixed Wing/Rotary Wing and Video Downlink Link - all in accordance with the JTAC Currency Requirements Table.

    This will be one of the multisensory and immersive training solutions on Booth C26 available to experience throughout the show alongside a Virtual Reality flight simulator and Augmented Reality maintenance guide.

  • H145 Helicopter Level D FFS Visual System

    15 Mar 2018 project: syntropy GmbH

    Following extensive evaluation of European Visual Display System providers, Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH has selected project: syntropy to design and commission the visual display system for their EASA / LBA Level D certified Helicopter H145 Full Flight Simulator (FFS) based on a 240° x 80° field of view dome display using 15 dual-channel (daytime + stimulated NVG) high resolution LED IR projectors and autocalibration.

    The end user is ADAC HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service) Academy, Skt. Augustin/Germany.

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