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  • DIGINEXT, with Innosimulation, its local Indonesian partner, has been awarded by the Indonesian Air Force Academy for the supply of the Virtual Maintenance Trainer for the C130-H aircraft.

  • VR Shield - Tactical immersive training.

    23 Mar 2018 Olivier Sidiqian

    VR Shield
    During ITEC 2018, EnterVR, a startup company hosted by Euratechnologies Lille, has demonstrated its innovative treadmill interface, which allows real dynamic moves such as walking, running, jumping or crouching to be represented with very high accuracy in virtual reality. This solution can be used in multiple environments such as gaming, fitness, technical training,etc.

    VR Shield is the branch of EnterVR which integrates a Mission Immersive Training system, dedicated to train civilian security and military foot soldiers and prepare operational missions within an infinity of realistic environments, configurations and scenarios.

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