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  • CAE and KF Aerospace, the two companies who currently deliver all phases of pilot training to the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), have formed SkyAlyne Canada Inc., a 50/50 joint venture that will focus on developing and delivering world-class military pilot and aircrew training in Canada.

  • Meggitt Training Systems is the leading supplier of integrated live fire and simulation weapons training systems supporting military, defense and security forces, federal and international law enforcement agencies, large metropolitan training academies, thousands of police departments, ammunition and firearms manufacturers and commercial shooting range owners around the world.

  • Old Dominion University representatives will be attending the 2018 International Forum for the Military Simulation, Training, and Education Community, or ITEC. ITEC is an annual conference where repre ...
  • Holovis alongside Bohemia Interactive and Nautilus International Risk Consultants is unveiling a new four metre dome training environment, accredited by the UK Joint Air Land Organisation (JALO). The dome has been accredited for Type 1, 2 and 3 controls, night CAS, laser operations, low level, bomb on co-ordinate, Fixed Wing/Rotary Wing and Video Downlink Link - all in accordance with the JTAC Currency Requirements Table.

    This will be one of the multisensory and immersive training solutions on Booth C26 available to experience throughout the show alongside a Virtual Reality flight simulator and Augmented Reality maintenance guide.

  • 15-17 May
    Exhibit D50
    Messe Stuttgart
    70629 Stuttgart 

    To solve our customers' most challenging and mission-critical issues, we provide training environments that are highly scalable, immersive, realistic and seamless. Spanning live and synthetic training domains, our complete package brings real platform equipment into the virtual world.

    See how we’re pushing the boundaries of technology to provide joint mission training for both air and ground domains.

  • ITPS is one of only six test pilot schools worldwide accepting international students. Training experienced pilots and engineers in the skills of test and evaluation (T&E) on fixed and rotary wing aircraft and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). Innovative on demand courses designed to customer's specifications. Graduate courses, Diploma and certificate courses available.

  • Low-Cost, Federated Simulation Building a European Male RPAS Community

    29 Mar 2018 Thomas Bennington, Project Officer Ideation and Transition - European Defence Agency

    DIGINEXT and European Defence Agency giving a conference on Low-Cost, Federated Simulation Building a European Male RPAS Community

     The conference is planned in 16-May-2018 from 12:00 to 12:30 in Theatre 2


  • DIGINEXT, with Innosimulation, its local Indonesian partner, has been awarded by the Indonesian Air Force Academy for the supply of the Virtual Maintenance Trainer for the C130-H aircraft.

  • Metova CyberCENTS, a leading provider of Cyber Simulators and Cyber Ranges, has stood up a new Cyber Training Solutions division.  The division's focus is providing Cyber Security and Cyber Operations training and excercises.  All courses are hands-on and include the use of the CyberCENTS range.  

  • VR Shield - Tactical immersive training.

    23 Mar 2018 Olivier Sidiqian

    VR Shield
    During ITEC 2018, EnterVR, a startup company hosted by Euratechnologies Lille, has demonstrated its innovative treadmill interface, which allows real dynamic moves such as walking, running, jumping or crouching to be represented with very high accuracy in virtual reality. This solution can be used in multiple environments such as gaming, fitness, technical training,etc.

    VR Shield is the branch of EnterVR which integrates a Mission Immersive Training system, dedicated to train civilian security and military foot soldiers and prepare operational missions within an infinity of realistic environments, configurations and scenarios.

  • The French MoD DGA chooses DIGINEXT to optimise the preparation and support of SCORPION Joint Task Force operations.

  • Visit AEgis Technologies ITEC Stand #C69 for demos on its theme of Affordable Training Alternatives with Virtual Stinger Trainer™ (VST): VR-based Stinger training product and Vampire® Pro: drone simulator system.

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