ITEC 2019

Exhibitor Showcase

Supporting the products available on the show floor, exhibitors are able to take part in the Exhibitor Showcase to launch brand new technologies, demonstrate upgrades to their products and show visitors how their products can help end-user operations.

Located on the exhibition floor, the Exhibitor Showcase offers the free opportunity to:

  • Listen to a 30 minute live demonstration of new cutting edge technology
  • Find out more from some of the exhibitors taking part in ITEC
  • Discover new companies and find out about new innovations in the Military Training and Simulation field


  Tuesday 15th May  Wednesday 16th May
12:30 - 13:00 Sony Pennant International Group
  Presenter: Maxime Lemoine

Presenter - Rob Acton


How Sony is contributing to the simulation industry

As a leader in the image industry, Sony is naturally involved in the simulation industry through its states of the art projectors. This session is the occasion to learn more about Sony's technologies.

The Virtual Loadmaster Training Simulator

The Virtual Loadmaster Training Simulator (VLTS) has been developed by Pennant International Limited in partnership with Capewell Aerial Systems LLC. VLTS is the first aerial delivery simulator developed specifically for C-130 & C-17 Loadmasters. VLTS enhances the training curriculum by giving students experience in a range of scenarios from normal operations to the most critical airdrop emergencies. The VLTS is an immersive training aid, giving the students a real-time experience in an advanced 3D virtual world that simulates a variety of different aerial delivery scenarios in a safe training environment. The system provides unique training for Crew Resource Management (CRM) as 2 students can work simultaneously and interact as the primary and secondary loadmasters. The instructor can control environmental conditions, inject malfunctions and debrief the student using the after-action replay (AAR) and auto generated assessment report.

13:15 - 13:45 Eastview Geospatial TXT e-solutions

Presenter - Michele Sesana


Remote coaching for anywhere learning

The TXT showcase looks at how to monitor and track learners’ performance and progress closely but unobtrusively from afar and how to use the latest multiplayer technology to connect students and remote instructors for live, over-the-shoulder coaching. Training and procedures are quickly set up with Pacelab WEAVR able to deploy them on 10+ different devices, including smartphones and internet-connected handhelds, in four different training modalities, making it a cost and time-effective way of creating training applications for pilots and maintenance technicians.

14:00 - 14:30 Silkan Plexsys

Presenter - Alexander Streit


PLEXSYS and ImmersaView will share their latest innovations and how they enable the delivery of effective training and experimentation.

14:45 - 15:15 Barco Tesla Suit

Presenter - Thomas Huisman 


How realistic audio enhances training

We perceive our world and surroundings through sound first, giving us a true 360 degree field of 'view' on our environment. Sound is a key differentiator on where to focus our visual system and an integral part of the decision making process. It is the only real information carrier between humans. The recognition of these factors and the value it can provide for the quality of training is an important first step in developing the same standards that exist for the visual counterpart. So the question is therefore; how to take sound beyond notifications and truly make training immersive? We would like to introduce you to Barco AudioCue, a new immersive audio processing solution that enables object-based and real-time rendering of audio, creating sound that is natural and realistic. And how this drastically improves the effectiveness of training. Because there are always more than meets the eye…


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