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IT²EC 2024

 IT²EC 2024 - defence training and technology event

Determining whether extended reality technologies are the right fit for your training program

10 Apr 2024
Theatre 2
Human Performance
  • Efficiency and effectiveness: explore use case factors influencing training cost and effectiveness when choosing XR solutions.
  • Beyond one size fits all: understand how Virtual Reality (VR), Augumented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) each offer unique value for different training scenarios.
  • Right tool, right job: learn how and when to apply XR  for a comprehensive training approach.
  • Informed decisions: gain insights from current research, CAE trials, and industry best practices about where XR is and where it is going.
Steve (Wilkie) Wilkinson, Chief Executive Officer - ETSA
Megan MacDonald, Manager, Learning Services, Courseware and Training Solutions - CAE
Jake Jollimore, Media Solution Specialist - Technology & Programming, CAE D&S Courseware and Training Solutions - CAE