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IT²EC 2024

 IT²EC 2024 - defence training and technology event

Ethical mindsets for Military AI and ML teams

09 Apr 2024
Theatre 3
Emerging Solutions
  • Ethical challenges in training: discover how to integrate social and ethical considerations into your AI/ML development process.
  • Unconscious bias: learn how personal values can impact your approach to computation and ethics.
  • Progress tracking cards: implement a practical tool to track ethical considerations throughout your project.
  • Real-world applications: explore how these techniques benefit training for civil defence, first responders, and the military.
  • Empowering teams and individuals: gain insights into building a culture of ethical awareness and accountability.
Rusmat Ahmed, SVP Sales, EMEA - Bohemia Interactive
Elaine Raybourn Ph.D., Principal Member of the Technical Staff - Sandia National Laboratories