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IT²EC 2024

 IT²EC 2024 - defence training and technology event

How wargaming can and is being used throughout the defence lifecycle

10 Apr 2024
Theatre 3
Emerging Solutions
  • Tech evaluation and design: assess new tech and shape platform effectiveness before deployment.
  • Force design and education: optimize force structures for evolving threats.
  • Mission rehearsal and COA development: refine strategies and practice diverse scenarios in a safe environment to train future leaders.
  • Logistics and AI training: master secure supply chains and train next-gen AI for complex decision-making.
  • Dive into real-world case studies with the USMC, Air Mobility Command, and DARPA.
Stavroula Oustoglou, Defence Analyst, Innovation Officer - NATO
William Burnett-Boothroyd, Commercial Officer (Defence) - Matrix Pro Sims
Iain McNeil, Chief Executive Officer - Slitherine / Matrix Pro Sims