Conference Theme


2022 theme: Navigating rapidly evolving technologies for Training and Education

Data, modelling, algorithms and simulations are now a part of our daily news cycles. What were potential plans for Digital Twins and other relevant technologies are now deemed as critical. Topics such as "Train, Reflect, Learn and Train Again", the Reality-Simulation-Reality cycle and the Digital Twin approach are now recognised as fundamental enablers for robust training systems and the only cost-effective way to train with the necessary degrees of reality.

Throughout 2020-21, we have seen rapid advances in training and simulation. IT²EC 2022 presenters will deliver the latest information in their subject areas, relevant for the super-charged thinking needed to respond to the post-pandemic world.


Expanding on Digital Twins

COVID-19 has led to significant innovation in how people and teams work and learn. Simulation and training technology has developed significantly.  Enforced global isolation drove the development of distributed and remote maintenance, training and design even faster.  The Digital Twin philosophy continues to expand; it supports AI and Machine Learning models rapidly iterate.  This, in turn, enables the increased sophistication of training opportunities. 

The risks of AI

The expeditious iterative development of AI and Machine Learning, however, contains a risk. For some, AI models are understood as a solution delivery - a platform which provides the user with results and conclusions that they had no part in reaching.  For others,  it is an aid in user-led decision making. There is a need to ensure that the implications of an AI-supported solution are understood by instructors, operators and decision makers.

Human and Machine Learning

Gaining more agility, mastering data and systems is one aim of training in any work force – military, public, industry and academia.  This can be achieved by advancements in individualised learning and remote support, through rapid exploitation and deployment of new technologies – key to master the challenges. 

IT²EC 2022 will be a forum to confront, from numerous perspectives, a fundamental and consequential question:  How do we ensure that the Human Brain remains the decider as technology continues to rapidly evolve?

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