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ITEC is the leading European military training and simulation show, the core theme of ITEC revolves around training, simulation and education.

From modelling, disaster management, cyber security, e-learning, mobile technologies, serious games, competence based training and visual display products, ITEC presents the full spectrum of the training, simulation and education sectors.

Additional themes for ITEC 2018 include:

Advanced Engineering

Simulation and design plays a vital role in the delivery of new and improved capabilities for the armed forces. The importance of understanding how to determine any design, manufacturing or operating  issues ahead of production can significantly reduce the cost of delivery downstream. As the world continues to embark within the realm of ‘industry 4.0’ the development of simulation, computer aided design, computer aided manufacturing, big data and high performance computing has meant that a large amount of risk and uncertainty can be removed from the through life engineering process.

ITEC 2018 advanced engineering content will focus around the importance of the technologies and processes which can enable High Value Design and how better use of these technologies can aid the both industry and customer to produce a better quality product at a lower cost with less risk.

Stuttgart is an engineering hub of Germany with many major automotive and engineering companies headquartering in the city. Within both the conference and the exhibition, ITEC will be showcasing the latest developments within High Value Design from various industries to promote the significance and cost saving opportunities that it holds.


Civil Security – Police, Fire & Medical

Recent events such as Paris, Barcelona and London demonstrate the threats that civil security forces have to deal with. In the current climate, first responders are expected to eliminate individual terrorists armed with automatic weapons in crowded city streets whilst also treating casualties in a response time that is synonymous with a military battlefield. The importance of simulation and training within police, fire and medical services is as paramount as within military and the means in which training is delivered is becoming increasing similar. The co-ordination and exchanging of methods and technologies is vital to ensure the best possible practises are utilised.


ITEC will feature a civil security zone on the show floor and there will also be a focused conference stream featuring both industry and civil speakers covering key themes that will engage an international audience.

ITEC Conference

The ITEC 2018 Conference theme is - Readiness 2025: Innovating Education and Training for the Next decade and Beyond

The four cross-cutting organising principles for ITEC 2018 are:

  • Training & Exercises
  • Education & Didactics
  • Human Factors & Performance
  • Modelling & Simulation

2018 marks the 10th anniversary of the introduction of the Smart Phone. This remarkable device not only provides a technical means of communication, but its impact is far broader as it continues to shape the ways in which we interact. Other digital devices are having similar impact across the spectrum of human activity. Military forces, police, fire and ambulance services, and medical practitioners are among those who experience change through the adoption and adaptation to new technologies. These technologies also generate new processes and organisational structures. Such changes in turn generate demand for new skills, new ways of thinking and improved training and education.

A new generation of “digital natives” is entering the workplace with mind-sets that are already adapted to living and working in a mixed reality world. Technology offers both solutions and challenges to the preparation and learning needed to meet the tasks that human operators, planners and developers will be confronted with as the next decade unfolds. ITEC 2018 is the ideal platform to discuss how these elements will mix, and to inform those attending about both established and new solutions. ITEC 2018 will explore the practical, theoretical and conceptual elements of these new training and education demands.

ITEC 2018 has its eyes firmly fixed on the next decade and beyond. The conference facilitates the training and education communities for those engaged in the most testing environments – in the military and civil sectors – to come together to explore the context, and significant technological developments that impact training and education of current, next, and future generations.

Readiness is a function of how people and machines are prepared, and kept ready, for missions and tasks. ITEC 2018 is focused on how people whether individually, in units, or in formations may be best educated and trained for their missions and tasks over the coming decade and beyond. Papers and panel proposals will be welcomed from military professionals, police, fire and ambulance services, medical practitioners, industry and the research and development communities working in the fields of training and education.

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