SISO Seminar - 13 May 2019


Reuse and Interoperation of Environmental Data and Processes

13 May 2019
Swedish Security and Defense Industry Association

This tutorial provides an overview of the fundamental concepts and components of RIEDP (Reuse and Interoperation of Environmental Data and Processes). The focus of RIEDP is on the harmonization of environmental/terrain database generation processes, and the means to exchange such generated data. RIEDP promotes reusability of database generation efforts and fosters interoperability between simulations by providing standardized rules, methods, and semantics for sharing data from key stages of the simulation database generation process, while leveraging existing source data formats commonly used in GIS and simulation applications. RIEDP concepts and components are embodied in two SISO Products: the RIEDP Data Model Foundations and the RIEDP Detailed Features Description. The tutorial will highlight the key RIEDP data sharing concepts, including: a logical data model for organizing the data, semantics through attributes and attribution, innovative and efficient use of metadata constructs, data organization on media, and a set of profiles for specific application sub-domains. The tutorial will also include the status of the RIEDP Detailed Features Description standard.