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2018 Speaker Interviews

Speaker Interview with Captain A Thomas Bennington

thomas benington

Tom Bennington (Group Captain RAF (Retd)) Served as a military ISR pilot from 1985 to 2012 and has worked in several national command, policy and procurement related posts. Completing tours with the US Navy as a Test and Evaluation Department Head, on the NATO Maritime HQ staff as Chief of Staff Air and, most recently as the Assistant Head of Nuclear Capability and Programme Director of the Underwater Programme in the UK MOD. A professionally qualified Programme Manager, he hold a MA in Defence Studies from Kings College London and a BSc in Mathematics and Physics.
He has significant operational experience and was the Chief of Staff to the UK's Expeditionary Air Wing in Basrah, Iraq in 2007. Since joining the EDA in 2013, Tom has worked in several disparate areas including green energy, airlift, RPAS, helicopters and has led the Agency's efforts in Education Training and Exercises. He is the Chairman of the EDA's European MALE RPAS User Community and responsible for the creation of new Education, Training and Education projects.


Read Thomas Bennington's Interview Here

Speaker Interview with Udo Keuter



Udo Keuter, has a military career from 1981 to 2001, with about 2500 hours as military jet pilot on various fighter types. He was an instructor pilot, fighter weapons instructor and Squadron commander. He has a degree in Business Administration of the German Armed Forces University in Munich.
In 2001 he left the German Luftwaffe as LtCol and joined EADS (now Airbus). Since 2006 he is the Head of “Combat Aircraft Training Delivery & Operational Support”, in Airbus Defence and Space. His department is located in Manching, Germany, responsible for the development of innovative solutions for integrated training systems and training services for military and civil customers.



Read Udo Keuter's Interview Here

Speaker Interview with Toby Barnard

toby barnard

Toby Barnard MSc BEng(Hons) PGCE is an Associate Partner in IBM's Talent and Engagement Team. Following an exciting career in the Royal Navy, working across the Royal Marines, Navy and specialist groups, I have combined a successful military background with experience in a leading consultancy firm. Now working as an account manager within UK Public Sector, I also represent IBM GBS as their European Learning Lead across all Sectors.



Read Toby Barnard's Interview Here

Speaker Interview with Dr. Jay Bahlis

jay bahlis imag

J. (Jay) Bahlis, Ph.D., P. Eng. is the president of BNH Expert Software. Participated in the training analysis of multiple large scale military projects, assisted dozens of organizations in developing effective and efficient training strategies, and aligning training with missions/goals, evaluated several eLearning technologies, directed research on adult learning theory and managed the design/development of the training analysis tool ADVISOR Enterprise.
Dr. Bahlis is the author of “Technologies in Distance Learning and Workplace Training” Guide and “From Classroom to Boardroom – Strategies to Maximize Impact of Training” booklet. He holds a Doctorate in Engineering and Applied Mechanics from McGill University.


Read Dr. Jay Bahlis' Interview Here

Speaker Interview with Gareth Collier

itec Gareth Collier

Maj Gareth Collier (Retd) completed 19 years of service with the Australian Army including 10 years in Special Forces - This included multiple command and staff appointments, with numerous operational deployments around the world and a three month attachment as an exchange instructor to the British Army Jungle Training Unit in Belize.
Gareth also completed a Masters of Business Program Management, a Masters of Capability Technology, and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours). Gareth held appointments as the ADF Special Operations Simulation Manager, Head of Capability Development - Commandos and Head of Training Development for ADF Special Operations. This blend of frontline experience of military operations within Special Forces, implementation of training and capability frameworks, and management of simulation architectures has enabled a holistic perspective to be applied to the implementation of simulation technologies to evolve military capabilities.


Read Gareth Collier's Interview Here

Interview with Bijou Van Haren

van haren

Mrs. Bijou van Haren MA Education and Training Command Royal Netherlands Army Mrs. Bijou van Haren is an education and training specialist, working at the Royal Netherlands Education and Training Command. Her primarily focus is to develop a roadmap for future education and training, which will provide the Army a visualization of the future learning environment.Also, she is the initiator of the soon to be implemented fieldlab "Learning Experience Army Room Netherlands (LEARN!)", an initiative to develop and test todays and future learning methods and technologies. In 2016 she participated in the first TRADOC's “Mad Scientist Science Fiction Writing Contest 2030 – 2050”, where she wrote a paper on the future of learning within the Army.




Read Bijou Van Haren's Interview Here 

Interview with Kimberly Himmer

Kimberly Himmer

Kim is the president of, and lead game designer at, Articulated Python, a company dedicated to the design and production of Serious Games for adult education and training, tailored to militaries and government agencies. She has worked in the game design field since January 2015, and has designed projects for a variety of customers and large non-profit organizations, and been a secondary on projects for clients in the education field. A former U.S. naval officer, she culminated her naval career teaching English literature at the U.S. Naval Academy, and was awarded the 2016 Class of 1951 Military Faculty Teaching Excellence Award and William P. Clements Award for Excellence in Education. Kim holds a B.S. in English Literature and a minor in Russian from the U.S. Naval Academy, an M.A. in English Language and Literature from Carleton University, and an M.A. in Game Design and Persuasive Play from American University.



Read Kimberly Himmer's interview here

Interview with Keith Himmer

Keith Himmer

Keith is the CEO of, and Lead Instructional Designer at, Articulated Python, a company dedicated to the design and production of Serious Games for adult education and training, tailored to militaries and government agencies. He is a master educator, and has held a variety of positions in the military, government, education, and academia from which he draws upon when designing instructional content for game-based learning. He is a former Navy Supply Corps officer with a background in government procurement and contracting. He has also worked procurement, services, and contracting at a U.S. Embassy overseas, and has extensive experience with cross-border trade issues.




Read Keith Himmer's interview here


Interview with Petra ten Hove


Petra ten Hove is a training expert at the Netherlands Aerospace Center (NLR), working in the areas of training, simulation and operator performance for civil and military aviation. She graduated from the University of Twente in 2014 with a Master’s degree in Educational Science and Technology. Her main research area is training media and their effective use. She received the best article (2015) award by the Society for Technical Communication for a publication on instructional videos (with Hans van der Meij). Petra is currently participating in several research projects investigating the implementation of new training concepts and media such as scenario based training and the use of augmented reality devices.

Read Petra's interview here

Interview with Captain Ewout van Dort 


Captain Ewout van Dort has a background in civil aircraft- and vehicle maintenance, and after graduating at the Military Academy he gained operational experience as Staff Officer within the air assault maintenance coy and as commander of several mechanized maintenance platoons. In 2015 he conducted a mission as commander of the maintenance detachment in the MINUSMA mission in Mali. As Staff Officer of the Research & Development office of the Royal Netherlands Army Simulation Centre, he is always eager in finding new creative solutions to add value to the development of new simulation capabilities and the improvement of current simulation systems to enhance the education, training and mission preparation of operational units of the Royal Netherlands Army.

Read Captain van Dort's interview here


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