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Ghanshaam Sewnath, R&D Engineer, Netherlands Aerospace Centre

Ghanshaam SewnathYou will be speaking at ITEC 2017 on the topic of “Assessment of Operational Non-Technical Skills Through Gaming”.   Can you give us a brief insight into the areas you will be covering?

During this speech I will explain the development and validation process of our serious game: Behind Enemy Lines. This game was developed together with Dutch Apache pilots with the ultimate goal of gaining more insight into the strengths and weaknesses of aircrew prior a major training operation called Challenge Exercise.  Objective and quick assessment of relevant competencies will enable Challenge Exercise Control to focus on weak spots. Pilots will also be able to address their weak spots before participating to the Challenge Exercises. Behind Enemy Lines was developed and user tested to determine the applicability of serious gaming for assessment of non-technical skills of operational Apache aircrew. The presentation will cover the user requirements for the game, game design, and the innovative approach to assessing the non-technical skills of users. Furthermore, the presentation will cover the setup, performance, analysis, and results of end-users test sessions.

What can delegates expect to take away from your session?

I expect delegates to gain a better understanding of the possibilities serious gaming create for not only assessment, but recruitment, training and other purposes. They will gain a clear understanding of the reasoning behind the development of the game, its design principles, its innovative approach to assessment as well as the setup and results of end-user test sessions. I hope this will create a more accepting attitude towards the applicability of not only serious games, but the design principles used to gain insights into the users (lack of) competencies. I believe this technology can be applied in a wide variety of applications, tools, games, and simulators to gain valuable insights in a non-obtrusive and objective way. These results may even adjust training and simulation in real-time to optimize the learning curve for each individual user.

Day 2: 17-May-2017 - Time:  11:30

Assessment of Operational Non-Technical Skills Through Gaming

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