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 IT²EC 2024 - defence training and technology event
Alan Hill

Brigadier Alan Hill

Director Public Sector Strategic Solutions, Splunk
United Kingdom

Alan focuses on how the public sector can make better decisions informed by continuous intelligence that comes from data investigation, monitoring, and analysis, then acting on the information.  This covers everything from cyber security, to monitoring citizen facing services and decision support for economic recovery and fraud detection.  Alan's work is always informed by his experience as the Chief Information and Digital Officer, at the University of Exeter, where he led an IT modernisation programme, a digital transformation and a radical improvement to cyber security.   

In addition, Alan is an experienced leader, retiring as a Brigadier in the British Army, with over 30 years background in the delivery of highly complex IT agendas in challenging military environments.  More recent roles included: running the UK MoD's global national security network and defending it from cyber risks; driving digital innovation and business process management in the Army; Brigade commander for 3000 troops preparing to operate under very stressful combat and technical situations; and planning the digital and IT support for UK global 
military operations.