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 IT²EC 2024 - defence training and technology event
Andy Coxall

Andy Coxall

Lead Artist, BMT
United Kingdom
Andy Coxall (SC) is the lead artist For BMT's visualisation team, having worked in publishing and the early years of Multimedia learning in the early 90s.  
In 2000 Andy joined a future thinking company in the defence and simulation sector providing multimedia training services including offline rendered images and animations. 
He was instrumental in the introduction of games engine technologies to replace the previous pre-rendered applications the company offered.  These cheaper games based technologies enabled the company to develop one of the first desktop games engine based application ‘Fleet Training Simulators and Maritime Bridge Simulators'.
With his background and experience and the previous successful development of 3 submarine SQEP 3D training for the Astute, Vanguard and Trafalgar class submarines, Andy was approached to join BMT to work on the QEC training simulator.  
Over the last 6 years BMT has continued to fund R&D to understand how emerging technologies can be used for defence training to improve learning value and fidelity whilst reducing production time and costs. 
Andy worked on these R&D projects including research into the viability of scanning technologies, haptics, photogrammetry and the latest generation of games technologies.